Prism On The Go

“Hey Dad, you know the CenturyLink box?” “You mean the Wireless Set-Top Box?” “Yeah, since we can move it anywhere, can we take it with us to Grandma’s?” That was the question I fielded from my 7-year old prior to vacation and it illustrates how once you make the switch to Prism TV you immediately wonder how you went without the innovations you only get with CenturyLink. And, as I told my son, there’s no need to take anything with you when you have the Prism On The Go App, which lets you set your DVR and watch your favorite shows just like you did indeed take the Wireless Set Top Box with you!

Leave the complaints behind

It’s tough not to smile, not to mention gloat. I’m talking about whenever I hear other people talking about their cable and satellite providers. Of course, all I ever hear is griping and rousing. Constant complaining about all sorts of issues like internet speed bogging down. Guess what? Not at Casa Calvisi, not when CenturyLink provides customers with their own direct connection. Meaning, it doesn’t matter if the whole neighborhood is online every evening. To me, that’s reason enough to make the switch. Here’s another – Prism TV. With so many innovations (Wireless Set Top Box), it’s like TV is new again. Make the switch and leave the complaints behind. All of a sudden you’re just overhearing the complaints, instead of making ‘em.

This isn’t your father’s multi-media experience!

Back from vacation means I’m back from the Stone Ages. Maybe the most telling moment of visiting my parents’ cable household occurred when I told my own Mother about our Wireless Set-Top Boxes – “Wait, you can move your TV onto the back patio? I’ve been asking your father for that for years!” Yep. That’s what happens when you make the switch to CenturyLink Prism TV. That’s what it feels like coming home to Prism TV and being able to watch/record up to 4 shows once again, not to mention simultaneously track 4 shows at once with Multi-View or stream games on my devices. And with Warp-Speed Channel Change, I don’t have to deal with lag time wasting my time. This isn’t your father’s multi-media experience!

Even He Made the Switch

Sometimes those who know it best can be the last to come around. I’m talking about our Chief Engineer at KTAR. For more than a year now, our “IT Guy” has repeatedly peppered Paulie Prism TV with questions about CenturyLink, both high speed internet and Prism TV. Maybe he thought I was going to crack in his cross examination. Nope. Just last week, he made the switch to CenturyLink. And like I’ve been telling him – he’s not going back (unless he wants internet that bogs down and TV without the latest innovations!)

No headache, no hassle, no kidding.

We’re busy, so it needs to be easy, right? Well, guess what? Sometimes I forget to emphasize just how simple it really was to make the switch at Casa Calvisi. No headache, no hassle, no kidding. And, once you experience Prism TV, it’s so worth it. As I talk about on KTAR & AZ Sports, my only regret was – “why didn’t I do this earlier?” Well, in hindsight, it was probably because I thought it might be a lengthy process. Turns out, making the switch was akin to flipping a switch.