A week of super sports!

It’s not only a week of non-stop Super Bowl activities in the Valley, but a week of super sports! Luckily, we have CenturyLink at Casa Calvisi as our competitive advantage. All televisions will be strategically placed thanks to Prism TV’s wireless capabilities.

Golf on the patio, football in the family room, and basketball in the kids’ room. You just can’t beat the flexibility and convenience that wireless connectivity provides. No matter where we place our TV’s or roam with our devices – we’re connected.

In our eyes, CenturyLink is a touchdown, hole-in-one and a slam dunk. Now, please pass the wings!

What’s NOT on my list

Sometimes it’s easier to remember what’s NOT on my list of New Year’s resolutions. For example, no longer do I start every year determined to find a better option to cable or satellite. Nope. Ever since we made the switch to CenturyLink and Prism TV, it’s been crossed off our list – permanently. See, not too long ago, we’d seemingly start every year vowing to give the “other guys” a shot. And guess what? We did just that in going from cable to both satellite providers. Then, Prism TV came to our neighborhood. Game over. Seeking a better bundle ceased to become an annual ritual. One call to make one appointment (we had ours on a Saturday) and it’s the last call Casa Calvisi will make in search of the best bundle in the biz.

Prism on the Go

Traveling for holidays? Don’t want to miss that favorite show or big game? Well don’t worry because with CenturyLink and Prism on the Go you don’t have to. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want and on any device you want… Smartphone? Check. Tablet? Check. Computer? Check. Put those holiday gifts to use and even set your DVR remotely. That’s right here at Casa Calvisi we won’t be missing the Cardinals game, even on our way to Grandma’s house.

Calling all parents!

Did you know that CenturyLink has a Santa Tracker to keep your lil’ ones updated on Santa’s every move? Simply plug in channel 1093 into your remote and…presto..you and your kiddos can see Santa making his way around the world.

Our kids get a kick out of this technology. It’s easy, fun and interactive, of course! Forget the Elf on the Shelf concept, Santa Tracker allows your children to actually see when Santa will be arriving on your rooftop.

As always, Century Link continues to innovate with forward thinking programming while providing the highest level of entertainment for family and friends. Happy Holidays and Happy Tracking!!

‘Tis the Season

This holiday season, give the gift that truly keeps on giving – Prism TV. That’s right, when it comes to leaving behind the cable & satellite guys, ‘tis the season to give and receive when you upgrade to CenturyLink. In other words, give yourself the gift of the best bundle in the biz. And, better yet, when you’re a new customer who bundles Prism preferred, internet and phone that means you can receive a $300 Visa prepaid card. We’ve been with CenturyLink for over two years now and I’ll never forget our immediate reaction – “what were we waiting for?!” I remember telling myself – just because I’m used to something, that doesn’t mean it’s better. In fact, just the opposite. See what you’ve been missing and what’s truly possible – make that switch to CenturyLink.