It’s a direct connection to customer satisfaction!

Like a quarterback looking over the defense, I scanned our family room the other night and here’s what I couldn’t help but notice: our 7-year-old on the Spelling City web site via his tablet; our 4-year-old clicking on the Disney site to watch a “Sofia the First” video on my laptop; my wife streaming a how-to-video on her smart phone while I watched Monday Night Football on the big screen which simultaneously catching a replay of the ASU game courtesy of the “Prism On the Go” app on my phone. Once again, this was all at the same time and not a single hiccup with the CenturyLink High Speed Internet. No buffering, no bogging down. And that never would’ve been the case until we made the switch. Remember – CenturyLink gives customers their own direct connection. In truth, it’s a direct connection to customer satisfaction!

True Story

True story – just yesterday, a co-worker wondered aloud why he couldn’t find a certain college football game on TV this past weekend. After all, that’s why he signed up with his satellite provider. At least, that’s what he said. Uh, hello?! He couldn’t find his game because it was on the SEC Network. And, guess what? If you have a certain satellite provider, then you have neither the SEC Network nor the Pac-12 Networks. Not at Casa Calvisi. Prism TV gives us all our favorite games, including the SEC & Pac-12 Networks, and it’s just part of the best bundle in the business. Make the switch yourself and you’ll see why I immediately shared with my co-worker: “Hey, you need to make that switch to CenturyLink. You’ll be glad you did!”

College football season is upon us

Got Pac-12 Network? How ‘bout the all-new SEC Network? I remember when I had satellite service, I did NOT get the Pac-12 Network. And, more than a year later, that’s still the case! Come on, life is too short to miss ASU and UA games, right? In other words, it’s yet another reason to make the switch to CenturyLink and Prism TV, where the Pac-12 Networks bring us live games and exclusive coverage of our favorite Pac-12 teams. As we like to say on KTAR, Prism TV is television, it’s just better! Especially with the college football season upon us – ding!

‘Tis the season

When I made the switch to CenturyLink, I felt so good about getting the best bundle in the biz. Now, I feel even better. How else do you react to a company that serves both its customers and its community? ‘Tis the season for CenturyLink to raise money for PCH. As a KTAR partner of Give-A-Thon for PCH the last four years, there couldn’t be a better cause or a better fit. In fact, CenturyLink has raised over $100,000 and we’re not talking about a check cut by the corporate office. As you can see in this video, the funds have been raised by CenturyLink employees – our neighbors. In other words, yet another reason to feel very good about making the switch to CenturyLink.

It’s a No Brainer

Like athletes are fond of saying, I’m taking ‘em one-at-a-time. Except, I’m talking about my friends and family, who I’m converting one by one. Actually, it’s Prism TV that sells itself. For example, a buddy just inquired via text – “are you happy w/CenturyLink?” As I texted: YES! Well, turns out, my buddy had already “signed up,” as he texted later. And then, just like we discovered two years ago, he added CenturyLink “will get me more TV than I was getting (with cable) and faster internet for much less $$.” His last two words – “no brainer.” Yet again, we get the word out and customers have the final word when it comes to CenturyLink. Ding!