Prism on the Go

Here in 2014, we’re constantly on the move. So, why can’t our TV’s ride shotgun? Well, guess what? When you make the switch to CenturyLink, your Prism TV goes wherever you go. (And we’re not talking about the Wireless Set Top Box) The all new Prism on the Go app makes sure we’re ALWAYS connected. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer and you can watch your favorite shows on the fly or make sure your shows are waiting for you when you return home. It’s so easy to bring up Prism on the Go app on your device and instantly access your TV guide just like you’re sitting on the couch. Yet another reason why we’re so happy we made the switch to CenturyLink. Watch the video below and you can SEE how easy it is. Or click here and find out if it’s available in your area.

April 21, 2014

Channel Change in a Flash

When do little things become a big deal? When you’re trying to track three or four different sporting events at once! That’s when Warp-Speed Channel Change is the real MVP. Talk about running an ultra-fast 40 yard dash, there is virtually no lag time when flipping back and forth between the Suns, Coyotes, D-backs, The Masters, etc. Yet another example of how we say on KTAR: “Prism TV. All your same channels, just better!” And yet another reason why it’s so worth it to make the switch to CenturyLink. Are you ready to make the switch? Click Here

April 15, 2014

Paul’s Favorite Features

At times, everyone needs a refresher. A reminder of what’s good, right? I know that I’m guilty of occasionally taking things for granted. It’s human nature. So, a funny thing happened as we filmed our videos demonstrating Prism TV, I got reminded of why we made the switch to CenturyLink. How much there really is to like with Prism TV. How the innovations and service truly outdistance cable and satellite, and I’ve had ‘em both in the recent past. As we like to say – take Prism TV for a test drive. Simply click the attached short videos and see for yourself why we made the switch to CenturyLink and we’re not going back. Truth be told, Prism TV demonstrates itself.

April 11, 2014

Now it goes ‘snap’

If you want the unvarnished truth, ask a child. I’ve found out the hard way more than once (Me: “Is there something on my face?” 7-Year-Old Son: “You mean that wrinkle?”) So, when I asked for a kid’s perspective on CenturyLink High Speed Internet since he uses the computer frequently and remembers the cable guys, I wrote down his response: “When I play my games, I used to have to wait. But now it goes ‘snap’ and it works really good.” Meaning, it doesn’t bog down like the cable guys. It’s consistently fast and remember – no home phone is required and CenturyLink High Speed Internet comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

March 31, 2014


If you pick up the remote and go into the Prism TV App Center, CenturyLink likes to call one of its innovations – “MultiView.” However, every March, I like to call it “Multi-Madness.” Imagine watching four games at once?! Yes, four programs at once. Forget picture-in-picture, that’s what we had with the other guys before making the switch to Prism TV. Now, imagine watching a primary game on one half of your screen, while three alternative windows comprise the other half of your screen. That’s right, there’s no need to imagine watching four programs at once in your living room. Simply make the switch to Prism TV and CenturyLink will make it happen for you. Check it out below!

March 24, 2014

Prepped for the Test

Guess what? I’m taking a test. And something tells me that, for once, I’m going to ace it! That’s because the folks at CenturyLink are putting me to the test. They want to gauge how much Prism TV knowledge I have gained since we made the switch at Casa Calvisi. Coming soon, we’ll be able to check out the results of my visit to the Prism TV room at CenturyLink’s headquarters in Phoenix. The cameras were rolling, so stay tuned for the video that will showcase just how much we love our decision to make that switch to Prism TV.

PaulsPrismTest_01 PaulsPrismTest_02

March 21, 2014

Find-It-Fast with Prism TV

True Detective. It’s a new show on HBO that’s been highly recommended. Okay, but how can I find it? That’s easy with Prism TV. Let us count the way, as the answer becomes multiple choice with Prism TV. For example, you can enter a few letters into the Find-It-Fast Navigation tool. Almost instantly, you’re presented with a menu of time slots that you can record with a single button or simply set a reminder. But, what if you can’t wait? It’s a real-time society these days, right? No problem. Prism TV offers an advanced Video On Demand feature that had us watching an episode of True Detective in no time. Thanks to Prism TV for helping make life easier, not more difficult.

March 10, 2014

Prism TV is a game changer

Sitting at the D-backs Cactus League opener reminds me of that feeling I had the first time I experienced Prism TV. Seriously. Just like the game of baseball, you think you know television. Then, all of a sudden, it feels completely new again. Innovative features like Wireless Set Top Box, Whole Home DVR, Find-It-Fast Navigation and the all-new Prism TV app make for an All-Star lineup. Simply put, Prism TV is a game changer.

March 3, 2014

Easy and Convenient

Monthly Bills!! Let’s face it, paying monthly bills is the last thing anyone really wants to endure. However, CL makes bill paying easy and convenient, especially when we bundle Prism TV, high speed internet and CenturyLink phone service on one easy to decipher statement. Simplistic and seamless. Sort of like our entire transition away from the cable guys. So worth it for so many reasons, with bill-paying just the latest.

February 24, 2014

Let Prism TV do the Leg Work

“’Teen Titans?’ Sure. ‘Star Wars?’ Uh, Again? Okay, okay. ‘The Bachelor?’ Really, do I have to…gotcha, honey.” See, based on that real conversation with the wife & kids, there’s a reason that Prism TV calls it “Find-It-Fast Navigation.” Yes, it’s that fast and that easy to find all your favorite shows. With Prism TV, you can forget about meandering through the channel guide. That is, if you’re not in the mood for aimless channel surfing. Hey, we’re busy, right?! Bottom line – if you know what you want to watch, then Prism TV knows where to find it. Put your feet up and let Prism TV do the leg work, as you can search by title or person. Now, my turn, let’s see if “Gone In 60 Seconds” is playing…hmmm.

February 18, 2014