Turbo-charged Channel Surfing

There’s watching March Madness and then there’s binge watching the NCAA Tourney with Prism TV. It’s like comparing the fast lane to the bike lane. Grab the innovative Prism remote control and it’s like you’re clutching the stick shift in a race car. Except, under the hood, you have Find-It-Fast-Navigation. And that means you’re turbo-charged when you channel surf. Leave the lag time to the other guys. When you have Prism TV that means you’re instantly flipping between the all-you-can-eat selection of games. And not a buzzer beater too soon!

How ’bout coming out of the dark ages

You know who likes the provider that doesn’t offer the Pac-12 Networks? My boss at the radio station. Sure, cuz that means more people (who for some reason haven’t switched to Prism TV from CenturyLink) tune into our radio broadcasts. For example, the Little League parent who told me over the weekend that he goes into his garage to turn on his car radio for really big ASU/UA games. Uh, really? Like I told him, you’re not stuck. Instead of sitting alone in your garage, how ’bout coming out of the dark ages in more ways than one by making the switch. You will get the Pac-12 Networks PLUS so much more that, like Casa Calvisi, will make it so worth it. From the innovations to the savings, you’ll realize that the single call to set up the single appointment will have you thanking your decision-making for many years to come. Once again, you have a choice. And if you have Prism TV from CenturyLink, that means you choose to enjoy the best bundle in the biz from the comfort of your home (or your patio with the Wireless Set Top Box – ding!) instead of in the front seat of your car

One of the great innovations we get with Prism TV

As a car guy, I’m a fan of Fast 5. (Mind you, I’m not exactly proud of my affinity for car movies..) And now, as a Prism TV guy, I’ve become a honkin’ huge fan of Last 5. As one of the great innovations we get with Prism TV, I ask myself just how we were ever able to live without the ability to flip to our last 5 channels in a single click? At Casa Calvisi, I’ve come to turn the Last 5 into performance art, as I channel surf like a quarterback running the no-huddle offense. Before you know it, we’re flipping instantly between the Disney Channels for the kids, reality shows for the wife and various sports broadcasts for Paulie Prism TV – all with the push of a button. Combine that with Warp-Speed Channel change and, with all due respect to CenturyLink Internet, the words “High Speed” also apply to Prism TV. Ding!

Something for everyone at the click of your remote

Does Friday mean you have to hit the town? Not when you have Prism TV. Look, if you’re like me, Friday evenings can mark the end of a lonnng week, right? Sometimes it’s so inviting to just say “No” to dinner and a movie – especially when there is something for everyone at the click of your remote. In fact, just recently, Prism TV had Dad’s back in an XL way. With the evening hanging in the balance, all I did was search “On Demand” programming and, whammo, delight the kids with “Maleficent” for free via our movie channels. Then, just as daunting, I had to find an intriguing program for my wife…hmm…hey, what about Concert TV? Ding again! All of a sudden, she was watching Michael Buble play Madison Square Garden. Translation – Dad’s a hero. And, better yet, Dad didn’t have to load the family into the SUV and fight the Friday night crowds. Thanks (again) to CenturyLink.

Parental peace of mind

Well, the time has come at Casa Calvisi! Yes, the time has arrived for Parental Controls. See, we recently found our 8-year-old surfing channels beyond the Kids programming tier. Ruh-roh, right? Actually, as it turns out, no worries. As parents, Prism TV has our collective back. Did you know that Prism offers an option called “controls by ratings.” That simply means that Prism subscribers have the ability to restrict programming based on ratings (R, PG-13), etc. The instructions, found under the Menu key, are easy to navigate. You simply push a few buttons, enter your pin, and begin selecting the programs you would like locked. Whew. In a few minutes, you have peace of mind knowing that your children are watching age appropriate programming. Yet another example of how we made the switch and CenturyLink makes it so worth it.