Are you a 24/7 sports fan?

When you’re a sports fan, you’re a fan 24/7. In fact, let’s face it, we’re sports fans in real time and that usually means allthe time, right? So, what if we could take ESPN with us? Guess what? Prism TV customers can now watch their favorite ESPN Networks anywhere. It’s called WatchESPN. It’s a website and app that lets you watch live ESPN on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Ding! When you consider that Prism TV customers can access Watch ESPN anywhere they want, on any device, simply by logging in with their CenturyLink email – it’s yet another great reason to make that switch to CenturyLink.

Can’t Wait!

Remember the post-game interview where the NFL player yelled “Can’t Wait!” into the live microphone. In Arizona, that’s our response when we see the temperatures falling in October. Ding! Can’t wait to resume outdoor activities again, right? Well, sort of. For Paulie Prism TV, I can’t wait to bring my Wireless Set-Top Box outside on the back patio again. Or how ‘bout watching college football on the Pac-12 & SEC Networks (which you can’t get with that certain satellite provider) on Saturdays while tinkering in the garage? Ding again. And remember – you don’t have to re-wire the house. Once again, it’s the Wireless Set-Top Box. Just another reason why we can’t wait until summer temps are behind us and why everyone in AZ shouldn’t wait to make the switch to Prism TV.

CenturyLink invests in the community

A follower on Twitter said it better than I ever could – “CenturyLink just gave over $52,000 to PCH. Awesome company to promote.” No question. Simply put, during the PCH Give-a-thon on KTAR & Arizona Sports, the rest of Arizona discovered what I’ve come to know first-hand the past couple of years – CenturyLink invests in the community. And that means the people of AZ, especially our children. And when you consider that CenturyLink employees were the catalyst for raising the funds to donate, well, as I responded via Twitter: I’m so proud to partner with CenturyLink and more elated than ever that we made the switch at Casa Calvisi.

It’s a direct connection to customer satisfaction!

Like a quarterback looking over the defense, I scanned our family room the other night and here’s what I couldn’t help but notice: our 7-year-old on the Spelling City web site via his tablet; our 4-year-old clicking on the Disney site to watch a “Sofia the First” video on my laptop; my wife streaming a how-to-video on her smart phone while I watched Monday Night Football on the big screen which simultaneously catching a replay of the ASU game courtesy of the “Prism On the Go” app on my phone. Once again, this was all at the same time and not a single hiccup with the CenturyLink High Speed Internet. No buffering, no bogging down. And that never would’ve been the case until we made the switch. Remember – CenturyLink gives customers their own direct connection. In truth, it’s a direct connection to customer satisfaction!

True Story

True story – just yesterday, a co-worker wondered aloud why he couldn’t find a certain college football game on TV this past weekend. After all, that’s why he signed up with his satellite provider. At least, that’s what he said. Uh, hello?! He couldn’t find his game because it was on the SEC Network. And, guess what? If you have a certain satellite provider, then you have neither the SEC Network nor the Pac-12 Networks. Not at Casa Calvisi. Prism TV gives us all our favorite games, including the SEC & Pac-12 Networks, and it’s just part of the best bundle in the business. Make the switch yourself and you’ll see why I immediately shared with my co-worker: “Hey, you need to make that switch to CenturyLink. You’ll be glad you did!”