‘Tis the Season

This holiday season, give the gift that truly keeps on giving – Prism TV. That’s right, when it comes to leaving behind the cable & satellite guys, ‘tis the season to give and receive when you upgrade to CenturyLink. In other words, give yourself the gift of the best bundle in the biz. And, better yet, when you’re a new customer who bundles Prism preferred, internet and phone that means you can receive a $300 Visa prepaid card. We’ve been with CenturyLink for over two years now and I’ll never forget our immediate reaction – “what were we waiting for?!” I remember telling myself – just because I’m used to something, that doesn’t mean it’s better. In fact, just the opposite. See what you’ve been missing and what’s truly possible – make that switch to CenturyLink.

Quick search and boom

Tis the season for all the holiday movie classics, and now with Prism TV’s find it fast navigation I don’t have to search through the hundreds of channels to find where and when ole Rudolph will be on for the kids. Nope not at Casa Calvisi, just a quick search and boom- I can even save it to my whole home DVR and not skip a beat during these crazy holidays. So what are you asking for these holidays? Ask for PRISM TV!!

Watch what we want, when we want, on any device we want.

‘Tis the season for the Prism on the Go smart phone app to keep on giving. Seriously, I’ve found it so worthwhile that it’s now essential even when I’m NOT on the go. For example, this weekend, I’m serving as Paulie Parental Unit at home with my 4-year-old daughter, who wants to watch Sofia the First. Uh, but, there’s a full slate of college football games?! No worries. It’s go-time for Prism on the Go, which lets us watch what we want, when we want, on any device we want. Ding! Moments later, I was enjoying live college football on my smart phone while still preserving my standing with the 4-year-old. (And when I’m away from Casa Calvisi, I’m constantly setting our DVR remotely. Thanks all around to Prism on the Go.)

Get a better bundle and get paid

To me, the only negative to the holiday season is ‘tis after the season. Ya know, the holiday leftovers that arrive in the form of bills that have to be paid. Bah humbug. Hang on, though. What if there was a chance to get a head start on the holidays by getting paid? And, better yet, getting the better bundle to boot? And the only way it gets even better is when new customers who bundle Prism Preferred, internet and phone can get a $300 Visa prepaid card. Think about it – get a better bundle and get paid. At Casa Calvisi, we’ve had cable and we’ve had satellite. Trust me, Prism TV is the real deal (pun intended)!

Cha Ching!

Before you start shopping for gifts, how ’bout putting another name atop your list – your own! If timing is everything, now is the time for a win-win. Translation – Get a great bundle and get a great reward. See, right now, CenturyLink is making it possible for new customers who bundle Prism Preferred, internet and phone to get a $300 Visa prepaid card as a nice little gift for themselves. ‘Tis the season to give back – to yourself!